Beautiful birth for a second time mum in the Coombe

My gentlebirth baby arrived Friday 8th April at 5:03pm. with my first baby 2 years ago I used the birthing pool in the Combe to labour and found this fantastic but I can vividly remember the feeling of fear present throughout the experience. This birth was completely different, I did a Gentlebirth workshop with Tricia at Nurturing Mama’s in Naas and it was the best decision I ever made

I woke up at about 2am on Friday morning (40+2). I could feel some mild surges starting but was able to sleep through the night on and off, I was convinced they weren’t the real thing. Friday morning I told my partner to go to work, nothing was going to happen today but told him to tell his boss that you might not be in tomorrow.

My sister came to visit and the surges were coming every 6-7 minutes, I was still completely comfortable and could chat away through them. My little boy had stayed in my mums the night before so after my sister left I went upstairs to my bedroom. I started timing the surges as they were regular and I called the Domino team in the Coombe just to let them know they might see me later. I had set up my “oxytocin table” in my room throughout the week. I had paintings by my little boy, photos, essential oils, my singing bowl, and other bits and pieces that I played around with while listening to my gentlebirth tracks. I must have spent a couple of hours doing this & the time flew past.

My mum arrived around 2pm with my little boy and was initially concerned I should start moving to the hospial but I was still so comfortable through the surges I thought it was way too early. We had lunch and then noticed my surges were coming every 3-4minutes so decided to get moving. I called my partner at 3:30 pm and told him not to come home but instead go straight to the hospital. In the car to the Coombe my surges were stronger but I just breathed through them and tried to remember to smile (on of the tips Tricia has explained to us). One we arrived I was brought to admissions and my partner met me there. I was examined and found to be 4-5cm dilated. I had written in my birth preference that I would like to use the birthing pool. My midwife (very professional and matter-of-fact) said it wasn’t available and showed us to our labour room, it was very small and clinical and I had a little wobble ” how can I get through this without the birthing pool” . My surges were quite uncomfortable now and I had my partner massaging my back through them, just like Tricia had taught us to do at the Gentlebirth workshop. He suggested I try have a shower so we both went into the shower room.

While he turned on the shower I thought I’d use the loo, suddenly I felt a change and my midwife must have heard it too as she ushered me out of the shower room saying you can’t have the baby in here! I tried to tell her I just needed the loo – obviously she knew better! My waters released and I knew baby was coming now. No time for gas and air I knelt down with my partner and with a few pushes baby made his way into the world, I caught him through my legs, brought him up to my chest and got up onto the bed. Instinctively protective, my body knew exactly how to birth my baby ( compared to my last experience where I felt I needed coached pushing).I had delayed cord clamping for 15 minutes and immediate skin to skin. My midwife was very patient and it was a while before she even asked to check what sex baby was. I feel so blessed that I got to experience such a fear free birth. I found the whole experience calm and empowering. Baby was born 40 minutes after I arrived at the hospital. He weighted in at 7lbs 13 oz, still waiting for him to tell us his name.

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