Beautiful first birth in the Coombe

First time Mum birthing in the Coombe

Our beautiful baby Indie Rose was born on Sunday the 26th of July at 07:19 in the coombe hospital. We had the most amazing gentle birth, even better than my mind movie! So here is the birth story of Indie Rose…

At 39 weeks and 4 days myself and my partner had a perfect Saturday day out doing at bit of shopping, a nice lunch and cinema. That night at 22:30 I felt a small stream of fluid release after bouncing on birthing ball for a while. I wasn’t sure if it was my waters as was only a trickle. Within half an hour I began to feel tightenings in my lower abdomen which became more powerful and frequent by 12pm. I rang the coombe who advised to lie down in bed for an hour to see if any more fluid was present however I did not feel comfortable enough to do this and preferred to bounce on my birthing ball. I put on my tens machine at this point and by 1am my surges where coming up to 2 minutes apart so the coombe advised I come in.

On arrival at the coombe they did an internal examination and I was 3cm dilated but waters were intact. I asked if the birthing pool was available and was over the moon when it was! We walked down to the delivery suite at 3am and I met my midwife who turned out to be a midwife I had seen regularly in my antenatal appointments!

I immediately got in the birthing pool. My partner put battery tealights around the room and I turned on my gentle birth CDs and it made such a lovely relaxing environment. I concentrated on my breathing through every surge and rocked back and forth on all fours. I remained mostly silent for the whole labour with my eyes closed and honestly feel like I achieved a deep meditative state. My partner encouraged me through every surge breathing through them with me. The midwife only intervened to monitor the baby’s heart rate regularly.

Then at 7am the midwife informed me that the baby was ready for delivery which I was surprised about because I thought it would have taken much longer. I had to get out of the birthing pool for the delivery as there was only one midwife available but I was comfortable on a mat on the floor leaning over a bean bag.

The delivery was very quick. My midwife gently encouraged me through the entire delivery and Indie Rose was born at 7:19. She cried immediately but the midwife had to cut the cord due to her colour and she was given a little bit of suctioning. She was immediately placed skin to skin and we had 3 hours direct skin to skin contact before being transferred to the post natal ward. I only sustained a superficial graze and was delighted I didn’t need any stitches.

I honestly feel so privileged to have had such a wonderful birthing experience. I am still in disbelief that I achieved Indie Rose’s delivery totally medication free but I know this is all down to following the gentle birth program with full confidence.

My experience of the coombe hospital was brilliant and I have such gratitude and respect for all the midwives there who really go above and beyond.

The workshop with Tricia from Nurturing Mamas in Naas was such a great help as me and my partner were quite anxious first time parents to be and felt much more confident and relaxed after the workshop.

My birthing experience has left me feeling so proud and empowered. I found a strength within that I never knew existed and I feel changed for the better because of it. Looking at my beautiful 1 week old daughter now is a constant reminder of how amazing pregnancy and birth is. I have never felt such utter joy in my whole life. Thank you gentle birth for helping me every step of the way.


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