Cara’s Homebirth

My little baby girl turns two today! We will spend the evening at my parents home, where I gave birth to her, with the candle burning that was lit the night I gave birth to her.  I will look through all the birth photos and remember every tiny detail of that wonderful night….here is our story….

On Tuesday 20th January 2015 at 9pm the most beautiful little girl came to join our family.This was my third pregnancy and thankfully from the beginning my husband was on board for a homebirth. On our first baby I talked to him about my desire for homebirth but unfortunately he didn’t relish the idea.  Due to having a really positive hospital birth on our first baby, when I discovered I was pregnant when our little girl was 7 months old I decided not to bring up the topic of home birth again and booked into the Coombe once again.

However out little boy had other plans and arrived in the back of our family car. Due to his unusual birth place & the fact that it was still a really fantastic birth my husband was happy to go ahead with me birthing pretty much anywhere I wanted to for baby 3.
I booked with the National Maternity Hospital (Holles St) with the community midwife team for a homebirth. As we live in Naas I needed to birth in Dublin in my mum’s house. Thankfully my mum, a nurse and who was present when I had my little boy in the car was delighted that we were going to be birthing her 3rd grandchild in her home. Her support was incredible throughout my pregnancy & she was simply amazing at the birth, there are no words to describe how lucky I feel to have been blessed with such a wonderful mother.
On Thurs 15th Jan at 38+2 I moved into my parents house with my husband and our two babies. I knew that I would not go into labour until we had moved in. That night as I lay in bed, beside my husband and our little boy, I had an entire night of surges. I had a very busy pregnancy & the Friday was to be my first chill out day, so I chatted to my little baby as I felt her wriggling down telling her to wait a little longer. Low and behold at about 6am the surges stopped.
Friday was total relaxation, my husband took a rare day off work: reflexology, lunch out with my husband & babies, an afternoon nap (the first of my pregnancy) and cream cakes. Once the babies were in bed my mum gave me a lovely massage and she did a ‘mother and baby blessing’ where she lit a candle, put on lovely music (the album that I had playing when birthing my other babies) and read out a lovely blessing for our baby. This candle would be burning when I would be birthing my baby.

With this lovely day over I was ready to meet my little baby. Sat, Sun & Mon passed and each day was so relaxing, chilling out with my family, I am so grateful for these days as they were the most peaceful and stress free of my entire pregnancy.
On Tues 20th as usual at 7pm I put our little girl to bed and lay with her until 7.50pm whilst lying down I had no surges at all but as soon as I stood up I had a pretty intense surge. I told my mum & husband that I thought things were getting going. I gathered together gentlebirth boxset, my hair straightner, make up, nail file (even managed in my very quick labour to straighten my hair, put on some lip gloss & file my nails so that I wouldn’t scrape my newborn) and went downstairs.

At 8.15pm I phoned the midwife to say there is no hurry but I think I will be calling you tonight to come out. By 8.20pm my husband phoned back to say that my wife has changed her mind there is a rush. My mum put on the album I wanted to listen to, lit the candle and my husband and my Dad were frantically filling the pool. At one point I got into the pool but quickly out again as the water was not high enough. God love them after their massive efforts to fill the pool which they managed to do in less than 45 mins I didn’t even use it. However I did have a little dip in it once the baby was born so I could freshen up a little.
I took up my position kneeling with my arms and body resting over the birthing ball. Things were very intense and I knew moving very fast. I felt like I was shouting demands hot face cloths, pressure on my back, get the camera ready. My mum was great, as the men filled pool etc she used counterpressure on my back, for a tiny woman of 4ft 10 and a tiny 7st she was well able to provide the pressure required. My waters released and I asked her to check the colour…they were clear.
Dad was getting anxious that the midwife should be there, he was standing outside when she drove straight by the house, he ran after her, waving his arms in the air.  The midwife arrived in at 8.50pm. She sat on front of the ball and told me I was doing great. She then swapped places with my mum and mum came to the front of the ball, where I held onto her, I asked for something to bite into. I focused on the candle my mum had lit and had the gentlebirth affirmations rushing through my head ‘I can do this’. As my baby crowned, my husband started to take photos and my mum whispered to me how much she loved me, once my little girls face was out, they both told me how gorgeous she was, how her little mouth was moving and how much hair she had. Mum prepared to catch her, it was really important to me that someone who loved her would be the first to touch her.

The midwife said one big push and the body will be out, she told me to PUSH. I ignored this and waited to go with my body, I just breathed through it & went with my body and shortly later at 9pm my little Cara Marie arrived. She didn’t cry and was quite purple, she just needed a little rub and boy then did she show us she could use her lungs. The second midwife and the photographer arrived in then.
Mum gave her to me, her cord was left to finish pulsating before my husband cut it. We all settled down and marvelled over how beautiful and tiny she was. It was literally 45 minutes from start to finish so it was very intense, it was wonderful though. My parents and my husband were amazing, I had never envisaged that my Dad would be so involved in the birth, my mind movie had him filling the birth pool but not with me birthing beside it at the same time.
I had a natural third stage and the icing on the cake was no stitches required. I fed my little lady cuddled up beside my husband as the midwives and my parents tidied up etc and the photographer took photos. My mum weighed Cara and she was 7pds 4ozs.

As busy and intense as it was between 8.15-9pm the next few hours were so calm. Myself, my husband, my mum, my Dad, sister and her boyfriend all sat around drinking tea and eating toast chatting it was all so normal. It was so lovely. The midwives said their goodbyes, one of them turned to my mum and told her that out house was ‘so full of love’ which was a really lovely thing to hear the night our little girl was born!
During the night both our babies woke and came into meet their little sister, they were delighted with her, cuddling and kissing her. My homebirth was very quick, it was like my mind movie was put on fast play but it was amazing. xx

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