Beautiful birth for a second time mum in the Coombe

My gentlebirth baby arrived Friday 8th April at 5:03pm. with my first baby 2 years ago I used the birthing pool in the Combe to labour and found this fantastic but I can vividly remember the feeling of fear present throughout the experience. This birth was completely different, I did a Gentlebirth workshop with Tricia at Nurturing Mama’s in Naas and it was the best decision I ever madeContinue reading

Gentle Caesarean Birth

sarahs-pic Photo: Sarah Doyle, Kildare, shortly after her little baby girl was born by gentle caesarean birth.

A new trend is emerging; The Gentle Caesarean Birth. The idea is that a birth by caesarean can be calm, peaceful and that following the birth is similar to the experience a mother and baby would have following a vaginal delivery Continue reading

Liam turns four

liamLiam (blond boy in the middle) with his sister Saoirse & his friends

This time 4 years ago I was waiting patiently to meet my second baby. I had such a mix of emotions, my 16 month old baby was about to become a big sister, I wondered how I would manage with two babies (one was proving tricky enough), I was excited and I was really looking forward to the birth of my little baby.Continue reading

Liam’s Birth in the Coombe Carpark



On 29th November at 38+6, I went for my weekly reflexology appointment, during the session I could feel the baby really moving around.  That night as my husband put Saoirse (16 months) to bed, I began to prepare dinner, I had a real sense that it was our ‘last supper’.  I’d a lovely relaxing night and a bath before bed.  At about 4am on 30th November, I was 39 weeks, I woke with surges (contractions), they were about 10mins apart and very intense.Continue reading

Cara’s Homebirth

My little baby girl turns two today! We will spend the evening at my parents home, where I gave birth to her, with the candle burning that was lit the night I gave birth to her.  I will look through all the birth photos and remember every tiny detail of that wonderful night….here is our story….

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