Liam turns four

liamLiam (blond boy in the middle) with his sister Saoirse & his friends

This time 4 years ago I was waiting patiently to meet my second baby. I had such a mix of emotions, my 16 month old baby was about to become a big sister, I wondered how I would manage with two babies (one was proving tricky enough), I was excited and I was really looking forward to the birth of my little baby.Continue reading

Liam’s Birth in the Coombe Carpark



On 29th November at 38+6, I went for my weekly reflexology appointment, during the session I could feel the baby really moving around.  That night as my husband put Saoirse (16 months) to bed, I began to prepare dinner, I had a real sense that it was our ‘last supper’.  I’d a lovely relaxing night and a bath before bed.  At about 4am on 30th November, I was 39 weeks, I woke with surges (contractions), they were about 10mins apart and very intense.Continue reading