Beautiful birth for a second time mum in the Coombe

My gentlebirth baby arrived Friday 8th April at 5:03pm. with my first baby 2 years ago I used the birthing pool in the Combe to labour and found this fantastic but I can vividly remember the feeling of fear present throughout the experience. This birth was completely different, I did a Gentlebirth workshop with Tricia at Nurturing Mama’s in Naas and it was the best decision I ever madeContinue reading

Gentle Caesarean Birth

sarahs-pic Photo: Sarah Doyle, Kildare, shortly after her little baby girl was born by gentle caesarean birth.

A new trend is emerging; The Gentle Caesarean Birth. The idea is that a birth by caesarean can be calm, peaceful and that following the birth is similar to the experience a mother and baby would have following a vaginal delivery Continue reading

Cara’s Homebirth

My little baby girl turns two today! We will spend the evening at my parents home, where I gave birth to her, with the candle burning that was lit the night I gave birth to her.  I will look through all the birth photos and remember every tiny detail of that wonderful night….here is our story….

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