Evening/Overnight Doula Support


As a post partum lots of parents book my services overnight where I come to your home and care for your baby over night while the parents can get some much needed rest.

If the baby is bottle fed, I can care for the baby completely overnight and if they baby is breastfed I can bring the baby to the mother to feed and resume care once the feed is finished.

Usually overnight I also tend to light household tasks and do some meal preparation

I stay awake through the night so that you can be confident that your baby is being very well cared for and checked on regularly throughout the night

Some of my clients will book evening shifts 8pm to 1am for example at a rate of €30 per hour

Others book full nights which are a 10 hour shift either 8pm-6am or 9pm-7am. This full night is €250 per night

If you would like to know more about what this service entails and to learn about availability please email info@nurturingmamas.ie












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