Liam turns four

liamLiam (blond boy in the middle) with his sister Saoirse & his friends

This time 4 years ago I was waiting patiently to meet my second baby. I had such a mix of emotions, my 16 month old baby was about to become a big sister, I wondered how I would manage with two babies (one was proving tricky enough), I was excited and I was really looking forward to the birth of my little baby.

I assumed like my first, my baby would be born at the Coombe hospital….

The night before he was born, my little girl woke up from her sleep at 9pm and she just couldn’t settle back to sleep, she ran around the sitting room, lifted my top & kissed by enormous bump continuously. I whispered to my husband ‘I think our baby will be born tomorrow, I think she knows that this is our last night as a family of three’.  As she was showing no signs of settling, we decided we would all go to bed together, our little Saoirse a little hot water bottle between us.

A few hours later on Friday 30th November at 4am I woke, with a pretty intense surge (the word I use for contraction), a few minutes later another one.  As December is my husband’s busy time of the year  I woke him at 5am telling him he should probably get up and do some work as the baby would be most certainly be born that day. By 7am I’d phoned my parents to come to mind Saoirse.  By 7.30am I was in the shower, the warm water offering me such relief and comfort.  Saoirse had woken, hungry for her breakfast, my husband  brought her downstairs to prepare her something to eat.

I was alone upstairs, the surges were intense, uncomfortable…..I needed the bath….everything  was so much better in the bath.  My friend Pamela arrived to the house, I got out of the bath and knelt over my birth ball….I needed her hands on my back….they were  incredibly cold and when she pressed her hands into my lower back the discomfort I was feeling was instantly numbed to a much more manageable level.  By 9am my parents were in our house.

I dressed and told my wonderful mum I wanted to go for a walk, she suggested I go to the hospital.  When I stalled saying I didn’t want to be standing around the hospital all day, she smiled and said ‘you won’t be standing around anywhere for very long’.  At 9.25am I remember calling from the bathroom that it was time to leave, my thoughts of a nice walk around the park long forgotten.  As I got settled in the car, my mum grabbed some towels and baby wipes.  My husband cleared the frost from the windows and we were on our way to the coombe…30 seconds later he hit a speed bump…my waters released.

He drove like Schumacher  down the N7, met lots of traffic on the Crumlin Road, outside Crumlin Garda Station…he lost it when the lights turned red and roared into the traffic ‘she’s having a baby’.  Over the little bridge at Dolphin’s Barn and I could feel the top of my little baby’s head in my hands.

At 10.02am my husband pulled into the Coombe carpark, parking in the car in the ambulance bay he ran into the hospital announcing to the whole foyer ‘my wife is having a baby in our car’. By 10.04am my precious boy was born…he arrived into the world in the most wonderful way.  We cuddled for a few minutes in the back of the car, then we were asked to come inside, apparently it was too cold for a baby to stay outside any longer (I think it was -2 degrees).

We were brought to delivery, where we named him Liam after his Daddy.  Mammy, Daddy & Granny were all brought tea & toast, I think Granny & Daddy needed it more than Mammy did.  After a few hours we were brought to the post natal ward, a little room of our own that became home for the next two days.  Granny & Daddy left the hospital,  I lay with my little baby, skin to skin inside my vest top….my little boy…I marveled over him, played his wonderful birth over and over in my head….he completed me, I knew if I never had another baby he totally completed me, it was like he was the last piece of a jigsaw slotting into place. I describe the day of his birth as ‘one big bubble of amazing’.

He is four tomorrow morning, he is an incredible little boy, so full of fun and mischief, he loves to run and climb, dig in muck, collect conkers, fix things with his Grandad and do anything at all that his Granny is doing! I am truly blessed to have him as my little man! Happy birthday Liam….we all love you so so very much and thank our lucky stars every day that you are part of our family!

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