Babywearing Lessons

Do you love to walk on beaches, forest floors or bustling cities where buggies are just not ideal?  Do you have other children that need to be tended to as well as your newborn?  Do you have a busy household and a baby that needs to be in your arms?  Do you get to the shops to discover you have a beautiful sleeping baby in the back of the car that you don’t want to disturb?  Do you have a baby that seems unsettled or windy following feeds?  Do you have a little baby that just loves being so close to his/her Mammy and Daddy and seems so much happier in your arms?  Do you simply love nothing more than your baby being asleep on your chest?

Well maybe babywearing is the answer!!!  Babywearing is a really wonderful way of bonding with your baby.  Babies tend to sleep very well in slings, are very easily settled in a sling when sick or teething, babies who are prone to reflux tend to be more comfortable when upright after feeds.  Babywearing is fantastic for holding babies close while at the same time being able to eat, tend to other children, go for walks etc.  Babywearing is also offers great support for babies that suffer with reflux or colic.  Lots of mothers love when I teach them to breastfeed a newborn in a sling as it allows them to move about, eat etc while breastfeeding.  Dad’s often report that babywearing allows them to bond with their little baby’s.

Having found babywearing a really useful tool when I had my own babies I trained as a babywearing consultant in early 2014, opened and have supported hundreds of parents since to carry their own babies using a multitude of different slings. I am passionate about spreading the love of safe babywearing in Ireland and really love teaching parents how to carry their babies so that baby’s and those carrying them are well supported.

I offer a service where I come to you in your own home and can demonstrate several slings so that you can see which sling would meet your needs best. I can then teach you how to use that sling and if you are breastfeeding your baby I can show you how to do so in a sling.  If you already have a sling I can show you how to use it.  I also sell lots of lovely slings at making it very easy for you to purchase a sling if you wish to do so

If you would like a babywearing lesson or have any questions about this service please do please contact me on